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PlanWell PDS is an easy-to-use communication tool between you and your reprographer that makes distributing plans and specs to your project participants simple and fast. The interface is based on simple checkboxes and drop down menus, with most options for each function grouped on a single page. All you need is a browser. No software, no hassles, and no usage fees.


While PlanWell PDS is easy-to-use, its security features rival online banking. Your projects are protected with an encrypted username and password that discourages even the most persistent computer hackers. And your files are never actually on-line. Lo-resolution thumbnail images are used for viewing, but print orders are generated from hi-resolution files kept on a separate server.


Your projects are listed on a single page, and each set of current project documents has its own "mini-Website" within the system. Documents can be bundled together any way you like, and each bundle is saved in case you want to order it again. Contacts are listed by discipline and in alphabetical order for easy access to contact or delivery information.


PlanWell PDS is all about making ordering and distributing plans and specs easy. Basic production options for documents can be set individually, or you can choose from preconfigured production methods - like full or half-sized, colored paper, bound or loose - based on cost or choice.


The contact information for your plan recipients can be added or imported directly into your planroom. Your chosen document sets and contacts are listed on the same page so you can link a bundle of plans to one or more recipients with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Once familiar with the system, you can skip steps to make ordering faster, or you can dig into each order at any time to determine who should be getting what, and when.

Online Viewing

Viewing tools offer you the ability to review the smallest items on the drawing and confirm information with a close look at the title block. Viewable files are saved as PDFs. An interface built into the viewer allows you to zoom, pan, order from, and page through a plan set with a few simple and familiar mouse clicks.


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